How do you communicate?

If you’re anything like me, sometimes it seems like you are talking so much with everyone in your life that nothing gets said!  Between texts and emails, Facebook and the ever-elusive phone call, how are we supposed to keep the hundreds of small conversations in our lives going every day?

This can be even worse when you work in a group of people that are constantly sharing ideas and working in segregated groups.  The compartmentalization of ideas and topics gets even worse, and everyone has their own methods.  So my question for you today is this…

How do YOU communicate?  I see a few different methods with benefits and downsides

1) The decree - Email
    Every communication from your desk is well thought out and crafted.  Your ideas are organized and effective, but it’s hard to have a quick exchange of ideas.

2) The quick note - Texting
    You are a master of holding a dozen conversations at once.  Quick replies and engagement are your strong points, but it can be more difficult to fully work out an idea before you have to hit send

3) The personal touch - Phone call
    You’re tired of all of the typing.  Why can’t we just sit down and have a phone conversation and talk like regular people?  You can make a genuine connection and share ideas carefully, but it’s more difficult to have a hard record of ideas and followup is more difficult.

4) The warmth - Face to face
    You like to look people in the eye.  Even phones are too impersonal.  This is a great way to connect, but if you’re not recording the conversation somehow, details can get lost.

In this technology driven society, how can you get the best of all worlds?

For our team, we use an integrated solution that offers chat, document sharing and video calls (as well as some really cool integration with our other online services!)  This system allows us to have quick text type messages, big group type messages, as well as the ability to make a quick call with notes attached.  In a way, you get a bit of everything (except the face-to-face time, maybe they will make an app for that someday!)  And since it’s available on the desktop, the internet, and as a phone app for the major platforms, you can always have a way for your team and your life to stay connected, all under one roof.

If you’re interested in improving your teams communication platform, please give your friendly neighborhood iTologists a call today!  We can help you use technology to make your communications more effective, and help reduce the frustrations of the busy workplace!

Cory Carson