Why you shouldn’t buy your next computer from Walmart.

When considering your next computer purchase, the factors you will probably consider fall under three main categories, price (including value for your money against the quality of the computer), features (options), and support (when choosing your computer and after the sale).

Walmart and other discount retailers may have extremely attractive prices, however the adage “you get what you pay for comes to mind.” Walmart’s selection of name-brand computers (and electronics in general) is often VERY limited. By their focus on value-oriented products storewide, you will be missing out on computing “horsepower” and other options you may need and/or want. Will your computer run the software you need for your business? Will it be high enough quality to stand up to the daily rigors of use? There are too many regrets to name here that will come back to haunt you later if you choose a machine that isn’t robust enough to handle the job, not to mention of such poor quality it won’t last. Choosing the right computer up front will save you money in unnecessary replacement cost and your hidden cost of decreased productivity, including downtime. The bottom line to your bottom line, is you must consider price and quality up front and make the wise choice for long term.

Regarding support before and after your computer purchase, Walmart isn’t setup to assist you there either. Walmart staff will be virtually zero help in explaining the features and what components you will need for your specific business. There just isn’t the expectation that employees will be knowledgeable about the options and features. They will be unable to explain the variances between the limited options. Part of iTology services to our clients is understanding your business. We discuss the features that you have needed and wanted in the past and ultimately understand your future needs and wants so that you can get the greatest value from your computer purchase. We know where to purchase the most affordable and quality machines. You shouldn’t overpay or have a computer that has more than you need for your business either. Helping you make these informed decisions is just another example of the full-service experience we offer you and your business when you do business with iTology.

Cory Carson