Storm Season VS. Your Data

As a fellow Okie, you no doubt know how varied and unpredictable our weather can be. It isn’t a good idea to procrastinate and avoid planning for storm season. Just as we know that tuning into the local weather can be a matter of life and death, an emergency plan for your business data can protect your business in much the same way.

It’s important to ask yourself if your company’s critical data is backed up in the event of power loss or damage to your business location.  Having three copies of your valuable data is our recommended best practice: two copies on-site, and at least one somewhere else. In the event your backed-up data is needed; we can get it on a repair disk and deliver it to you quickly!

Even if the worst doesn’t happen, implementing these relatively easy measures can give you peace of mind and make minor weather events less of a headache to you, your employees, and your customers:

  • Invest in a quality surge protector, easy and affordable.
  • Install battery backups, for thunder (and lightning!) storms.
  • Lift servers off the floor.  Inexpensive and easily installed, server racks prevent damage by flooding.
  • Test your backups and Disaster Recovery Plan at least quarterly.

If you would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your backup and disaster recovery plans will keep your business running, call our friendly iTologists today!  We will be happy to check your environment and offer a second opinion on how to make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned money when Oklahoma weather strikes!

Cory Carson