Is a smart watch right for you?

We all remember the original smart watches “back in the day”, a big black square on your wrist with a small LED screen. Since then a lot has changed. There are so many wearable watches available that to name them here would be impossible. A recent review done in April 2017 by ( included reviews of a whopping 64 options! 

You’ll want to consider the different types of smartwatches and which type is best for you. Next you’ll want to carefully consider all the options and specifics of each model available. Be sure to check reviews and note reliability.

Finally, you want to do the necessary learning to make sure your new purchase is utilized to the max! After all, if you only need the time…you don’t need a smart watch. If you want more than that, do the necessary research upfront and get a device that serves your needs best. 

Cory Carson