We're all friends here, so let's be honest with each other...when is the last time you cleaned out your "old computer" closet/corner/garage?

Between all of the dingy beige equipment and cables that you keep in a big box "beacause I'm going to need those someday!"  Even though the computer equipment is from the 90's and the cables don't even plug into anything you own.

Let's be truthful with ourselves, that stuff doesn't belong in the space you pay to keep up with...

So, how do we sort between what to throw away and what needs to be recycled?  This is actually a complicated question!

Between needing to strip old drives out to destroy data, and needing to know where you can recycle silicon and where you need to dispose of other components there are tons of considerations to take into mind before you throw your old treasures into the bin.

If you need to clean out your electronics closet, call one of our friendly iTologists today!  We can help you regain some space and maybe even a little bit of inner peace

Cory Carson