This week we are scheduled to see our first (few!) days with temperatures over 100 degrees!

We all know this makes us hot and grumpy, but have you considered how it makes your computers feel?

The computers and servers that hold our data and keep us productive are very sensitive to temperature, just like we are!  Unfortunately, a snow cone and a fan aren't enough to keep our equipment happy.

Google keeps their data centers at no higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  As all of us Okies know, when the mercury rises, keeping the inside temperature this low can be a struggle!  So what can we do to keep our equipment safe?

1.  Make sure your computers can breathe.
    Your computers have been designed to allow air to pass in and out of them, but we have to make sure we don't let the vents and fans get covered, keeping them from working well.  A computer surrounded by boxes and papers will get too hot and can overheat!

2.  Know your server's biggest fan
    If your server is in a room without a lot of airflow, having a box fan can make a big difference!  Try to determine how much cool air can circulate around your computers, and make sure they get to enjoy some time in the breeze!

3.  Extra AC!
    Sometimes the only way to keep things chilly is to get more air conditioning.  There are multiple portable units that you can move around as your needs increase during the summer, or maybe you should consider moving your equipment to another room.

Less recommended - Pool day

As the temperatures rise, don't forget that your friendly neighborhood iTologists are here to help!  If you would like to know ways to make sure your equipment has a long, happy life, please give us a call today.  We're all in this crazy summer together!

Cory Carson