Think back on the last time you had a major computer outage.  Sometimes we will have an internet outage that keeps us from being able to use our online services, or a power outage that knocks all of our computers offline.

The last time that happened, did your IT Support know quickly and start working to help?

When your computers don't work, your employees aren't productive and money is wasted.  You pay your IT support to know about problems and fix them quickly.  But just how on the ball are they?  Do you have to call them and tell them you are down?  Or do they notice and call you?  Do they know within one hour?  Maybe two?  That's hours of productivity lost because your IT support isn't giving you the attention that you need!

If you are unhappy with the level of service you get from the support you pay for, give us a call today!  One of our friendly iTologists will be happy to analyze your network and provide you options on how to keep your business running well!

Cory Carson