What would happen to your company if your computers died today?

Flooding, electrical problems, theft, computer viruses... the threats against our data come in at an extremely fast pace.  It's important to think of what would happen if any of the machines at our businesses were to die.  Typically you know to back up your server, it's the heart of your network.  But what about the accouting computer?  Do you use QuickBooks only on one machine?  Does that machine back up anywhere?

Sometimes in the hurry to get things done, we don't give ourselves enough time to make sure that our data is as protected as it needs to be.

So, let's take this accounting computer.  In a rush you install QuickBooks and get to working on your company data.  Everything works great for months until you come in one day and that computer won't come on due to a hard drive crash.  Panic!

In addition to having backups of our servers, it's important to go through and make sure that important data from other sources is also protected.

If you would like an assessment of the data on your network, and options on how to make sure it's safe, please give one of our friendly neighborhook iTologists a call today!

Data is our business!

Cory Carson