In this age of web connected devices, it can be puzzling to determine what you should spend the money on upgrading.  So, what are the benefits of a web-enabled smart thermostat?

1.  Set it and forget it!


Many of the smart thermostats on the market will learn your preferences based on how you use them, and adjust themselves properly.  If your office is open 8-5 and you set your thermostat when the building is empty, a smart thermostat will find these patterns and eliminate people forgetting to set it on their way out the door!

2.  Be comfortable when you get in


There's nothing worse than coming into a hot office on your day off.  You're already grumpy from having to give up part of your day off, and now your office feels like a tropical swamp.  With a smart thermostat you can set your temperature on your way into the office and enjoy your suffering in a more comfortable environment.

3.  Save power
This is the major benefit.  Save the power needed to heat/cool your building, so you can use those funds for other things!

A smart thermostat can be a small way to make your life more convenient and more comfortable.  If you would like more information on smart devices or how they can make your life better, give one of your friendly neighborhood iTologists a call today!

Cory Carson