Look at your desk phone for a moment.  It's ok, I'll wait...


We are always more than happy to upgrade our cell phones year after year, but we often overlook the phones that power our offices every day.  When was yours installed?  What features does it have?  Are you overpaying for your phone service when there are better options?

A new phone system might seem like a daunting expense, but it might not be as bad as you think, and the benefits might surprise you!

If you're using an older phone system, you might be used to paying long distance for anything outside of your geographic area.  This is something that's fairly outdated!  With new VoIP phone systems, you use your internet connection to place your calls, and can usually talk to anyone in the US for a very low fee!  Add to this the ability to take your desk phone with you anywhere you go, forward calls to your cell with a few button presses, and get features like voicemails being transcribed to your email, you might be surprised what joys a new phone system might bring you.

And maybe you can be a little less ashamed of that eyesore on your desk...


If you'd like more information on what it will take to upgrade your phone system, give one of our friendly neighborhood iTologists a call today!

Cory Carson