If you’ve watched the news this week, you’ve no doubt heard a million takes on the Equifax security breach.

Today we are going to give you one more viewpoint, from the desk of an IT Support company…

Updates Are Important!

No matter if you’re a company with millions of customers data on the line, or a small business with everything to lose, there is little that is more important than keeping your systems up to date.  In the case of the Equifax breach, they had over two months to apply the security patches that would have prevented the data breach on their internet-facing webservers, but failed to do so.  (Not to mention that it took them six weeks to notify their users!)  This is completely unacceptable!

This is just another in a long list of easily preventable problems.  This year the world has been hit with exploits that have had easy-to-apply security patches multiple times!  (WannaCry and all of its variants were just a few short months ago, and had available security patches for several months beforehand!)  And all of these breaches are easily remedied with a tiny bit of work from the people in charge of caring for your servers.

At iTology, we take your data security very seriously, and work constantly to make sure your systems are up to date and immunized against the newest and nastiest of the bugs out there!

Cory Carson