Meltdown, Spectre, and me


This week, internet sources have been exploding with news about major flaws in how computer processors are currently working that can lead to a leak of data in every major platform. Everything from desktop computers to smartphones are affected!

The good news is that processor and software vendors have been working together to come up with solutions on how to combat this issue, and there will be remedies on many different fronts.  At this time, there are no known exploits in the wild.  That is to say, no-one has reported being negatively impacted by these vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the large tech companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Intel are all working on patches to remedy these vulnerabilities.

At iTology, we are staying on top of the news for these issues.  We will test security patches as they become available to make sure they are working and stable.  We will deploy all appropriate and stable patches in order to keep our partners protected!

Your IT Support Team,

Cory Carson