The Internet is becoming more and more integral to everyday business, but how do you choose which services are right for you?  

Everyone is tossing around the term “cloud” with little to no understanding of what that means. Cloud Services are actually super easy to explain. Think of your on-premise server solution and the purpose of that server. Now move all or part of what your particular server does (the on-site server solution), to a different server not at your office. Often moving services to the cloud, means less overhead and greater savings. Your technology can become more powerful and more affordable at the same time! We know how to help you make those important evaluations!

Here at iTology we have adopted cloud services with open arms. We are confident that we can evaluate your I.T. environment to determine if some or all of your I.T. services would benefit by locating to the “cloud.” The team at iTology researches and tests the systems and products that are available to help you make the best decisions. Our team is dedicated to guiding you towards the best and most cost-effective solutions in the ever-changing business landscape, to keep both your downtime and costs down.  We take the time needed to figure out what will work for you, so you are free to do the important work of keeping your business running and profitable!

We use services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Services, as well as other local data center services, to create the most cost effective, robust and reliable technology solutions for your business.